Cleaning lines

SALICO supplies cleaning and degreasing lines for metal strip both to Rolling Mills and Service Centers. Metal strips (carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium) are processed within a thickness range from 0.08 to 6 mm, width up to 2,200 mm and speed up to 600 m/min.

There is a wide range of cleaning technologies available, selection depending upon characteristics of entry strip and requirements for output product, mainly in terms of line productivity, oil and metallic fines content.


Particularly for aluminium strip, there is a clear difference between strip produced in a hot mill or by means of continuous casting process and even among different alloys to be processed. Taking into account these three parameters to be defined by our customers (entry dirt content, productivity and exit cleanliness requirements) our technicians will propose the solution that will best suit each situation and mainly:


  • Electrolytic degreasing systems

  • Alkaline degreasing systems combined with de-smut sections for specific aluminium alloys

  • High Pressure Hot Water systems - HPHW

  • Neutral cleaner washing systems with brushes

SALICO's target is to propose its customers with technical solutions specific to their needs, goals and resources. For this we can choose among a wide variety of Solutions for each line functionality, in order to reach a combination thatresults in optimum yield of the investment, high quality products, low breakdown rates, ease of maintenance and most of all a safe and ergonomic operation.


Main benefits of SALICO cleaning lines

  • Safe and ergonomic operation and maintenance, especially when using toxic or flammable chemicals.

  • Possible choice among different technologies, selection criteria based in expected input and output product characteristics, line capacity and investment level.

  • Possibility of integration into continuous processes such as levelling or coating.

  • All auxiliary equipment and services can also be delivered: DM water plants, waste water treatment plants, boilers, etc