Cut to length lines

The cut to length lines cut an entry mother strip in cross section, forming sheets that are suitably stacked in compact and square packages.


SALICO cut to length lines cover the complete thickness range of strip, starting from 0.1 mm aluminium up to the thickest carbon steel coils, of 25 mm.


SALICO may deliver the complete panoplia of different types and sizes of multiroller levelers (4 Hi, 5 Hi, 6 Hi...), different type of shears (rotary eccentric, rotary drum, flying, mechanical, etc) and different type of stackers (magnetic, vacuum, combined, bomb door, air floatation, etc)

SALICO's target is to propose its customers with technical solutions specific to their needs, goals and resources. For this we can choose among a wide variety of solutions for each line functionality, in order to reach a combination that results in optimum yield of the investment, high quality products, low breakdown rates, ease of maintenance and most of all a safe and ergonomic operation.


Main benefits of SALICO cut to length lines:

  • Safe and ergonomic operation, also for the thickest and hardest strips.

  • High productivity by minimizing down times by means of automatic changes of leveler rolls, shear knives and non-stop alternative stacking in up to four different stacking stations.

  • Efficient elimination of strip internal stresses by high capacity levellers resulting in high plastification rates (>80%), so covering wider thickness range than competitors.

  • Dual cassette levellers with automatic cassette change in less than ten minutes.

  • Eccentric rotary shears with capacity up to 16 mm, developed and patented by SALICO, with length tolerances down to 0.2 mm and featuring strip camber compensation.

  • Eccentric rotary tilting shears, developed and patented by SALICO, to cut trapezoids in continuous mode.

  • Eccentric rotary shears for cutting of parallelograms of adjustable 30º degrees angle and maximum 8 mm thickness.

  • Flying shears for a strip thickness of maximum 25 mm.

  • Our own vacuum or magnetic stackers working with the start-stop principle (zero inertia) for protection of sheet edges and surface during high speed piling.

  • Possibility of multi-stacking feature for short and narrow blanks at high speed.

  • Exit packaging lines for the finished packages from manual solutions to fully automatic solutions.