Packaging Lines

SALICO supplies packaging lines for complete coils, slit coils or packages of sheets either as final section within a new or existing slitting or cut to length line or as independent stand alone facilities.

Required operations to prepare processed products for shipment may include the following operations which aremanually or automatically accomplished:


  • Weighing.

  • Edge protection.

  • Application or feeding of dunnage, pallets or top lids.

  • Individual strapping of single slits, with steel or PET strap.

  • Strapping of full package of slits or package of sheets, with steel or PET strap.

  • Plastic and / or paper wrapping.

  • Turning.

For each application, delivery mode or demands by final customers there are a wide variety of different packaging Solutions of the products, which will lead to specific equipment selection and arrangement. Additionally available space in bay, material flow and other variables will lead to tailor made solutions in most cases.


SALICO offers its customers with its vast experience in all type of packaging lines, ranging from simple and manual ones to completely automated Solutions, where individual equipment from third parties to perform specific tasks may be included (strapping machines, weighing systems, etc).