When the time comes for a critical revamping of a line, or a piece of equipment, or an up-grading of any kind, there are frequently specially difficult tasks due to the lack of technical documentation or drawings, or due to the very poor conditions of the equipment after the years of production. In these situations, FUMAGALLI is an ideal option for our customers, even if the equipment was made by companies outside of our group.

FUMAGALLI has its manufacturing Plant of 1,500 square meters of covered area in the town of Barzago, 20 km from the SALICO headquarters and is very much specialized in revamps, retrofittings and modernizations of any kind of industrial equipment.

Also and due to its smaller size, FUMAGALLI has the ability to re-schedule its production chain very fast with a very short response time against an emergency situation, giving us the possibility of just in time supply of many critical spare parts that may be needed by any of our customers in the event of an unexpected breakdown of any equipment.


  • Engineering offices

  • Manufacturing Plant

  • Special projects and prototypes

  • Specialized equipment refurbishment

  • Research, Development & Innovation