Scrap choppers

SALICO has developed an unique design and concept of scrap chopper known as "Epicicloidal" scrap chopper, specially important for the thicker strips.


The basic idea of this unit is that each of the cutting housings of the machine hoststwo assemblies of five cutting drums, with each corresponding pair of drums describing a planetary motion similar to the motion of the knives of an eccentric shear, with the end result that the scrap is not chopped but scissor cut like.


The main advantages of this revolutionary design of scrap chopper compared to the dual helical drum standard designs, stand more evident when cutting thicker and harder materials:


  • Very reduced level of noise produced by the cut action and down to 80 Db.

  • Auto adjustment of the clearance for the different strip thicknesses.

  • Much longer duration of the life of the knives due to the controlled and progressive cut action.

  • Tools free change of the knives in maximum and total two minutes time, making this unit to be very interesting for application in continuous lines.

  • This design is much less influenced by the possible twist of the scrap that may create scraps jamming in the entry chutes.