Slitter heads

SALICO Slitter heads have been constructed in various sizes to slit materials starting from 0.1 mm soft aluminium, up to 18 mm thick steel in many different widths of the entry mother coils.


A well designed slitter head requires to beengineered and constructed under very restricted and accurate tolerance values in order to guarantee the highest quality in terms of width, burr and tear/cut ratio of the cut slits. Minimum shafts bending, exact concentricity and parallelism of the shafts under rotation, zero axial gaps and our unique fully automatic hydraulic locking system for the tools at extra-high pressure, make possible the precise adjustments which are necessary for high quality slitting.


SALICO Slitter head has a particularity that makes it completely different and much more reliable than those from the majority of our competitors: the way in which the tools are blocked in position on the slitter shafts.


While most of our competitors use automatic axial devices transmitting the force of conventional and commercial hydraulic cylinders and rotating seal for each shaft with very reduced axial force, our unique system uses a propietary self made special hydraulic cylinders and seals, integrated in the slitter housings and able to transmit an axial force of up to 200 tons per shaft.


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