Tools change robots

One of the processes within the field of finishing lines which demands more dedication and interaction of the operators for line preparation are the slitting lines due to the time which is needed for preparation of the slitter head tools.


On the one hand, along the years many different solutions have been developed by the different line constructors for tools loading and unloading from the slitter heads, like dual slitter head systems and mainly loading turnstiles. On the other hand very few solutions have been given by the line constructors for the automatic set up of the tools on the loading turnstiles.


Pressed by the necessity of our customers, SALICO developed a very advanced dual robot system, fully engineered, designed, manufactured and automated in house for automatic and intensive cleaning of the tools and preparation of the tools set ups. Our most direct competitors are procuring this type of systems from dedicated robot constructors or similar and mostly of a reduced capacity when compared to SALICO´s development.


The main advantages of our development are mainly:

  • Time saving compared to the traditional tools set ups by operators.

  • Labor force saving with the elimination of average two operators per shift.

  • Safety and ergonomy as the operators are free from handling heavy pieces of tools, that may weight up to 50 Kgs in the case of heavy gauge lines.

  • High speed operation compared to other robots.

  • Very high efficiency of the tools cleaning system, cleaning the complete tools set up in one go.

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