KCS Herr Voss UK Ltd has a long history of supplying quality equipment for the processing of flat rolled metals reaching back to 1962. In its 50 year history the company has successfully executed over 300 major projects for carbon, stainless & electrical steels, aluminium, zinc & other non-ferrous alloy processing.

A significant number of these projects are for the upgrading of existing production lines either by increasing output capacity, production efficiency, improving yield or incorporating new processes to enhance product quality.

The first projects in the 1960's focussed the stainless steel industry and much of this equipment is still in operation today. While the stainless steel sector continues to be an important part of the company's business, more recently, projects for carbon & electrical steels and aluminium projects have been executed.

Throughout their history KCS Herr Voss UK have supplied a wide range of specialist equipment & services to the metals industries, including the UK's largest coil coating line and one of the world's fastest aluminium can stock cleaning lines.

In recent years we have provided numerous feasibility studies for major metal producers, many of which have played a role in important strategic decisions.

The range of KCS Herr Voss UK products is wide, but include the following:

  • High speed cleaning sections for aluminium (acid, alkali & electrolytic).

  • High speed rewind & inspection lines incorporating welders, brushing machines, levellers & edge trimming.

  • Inspection facilities for full finish automotive quality galvanised steel

  • Post treatment coating systems for galvanising lines

  • Complete equipment for push-pull pickling lines.

  • Walking beam & coil handling systems.

  • Mechanical equipment for all carbon steel continuous process lines.

  • Mechanical equipment for electrical steel heat treatment lines.

  • Post furnace water sealing & quenching equipment

  • Stainless steel process lines for bright annealed material.

  • Coil grinding lines

  • Cleaning lines for bright annealed stainless steel.

  • Complete surface treatment & coating lines including non-rinse anti-fingerprint coatings.


  • Pre-projects and sales

  • Engineering office

  • Project Management

  • Procurement & Logistics

  • Site service, Technical assistance and Training programs

  • Spare parts and preventive Maintenance programs

  • Turn Key projects

  • Research, Development & Innovation