SALICO Spa was first established in 1,978 by Mr. Giordano Colombo and Mr. Carlo Salvioni very near the town of Lecco, 40 km from the city of Milano.


Ever since the early days of our history both the philosophy and the strategy of the company were well established and mainly focusing in the development of very advanced technological solutions, responding to many of the technical challenges present in those days in finishing lines. Since the first equipment was delivered, a very high degree of technical innovation was present in every SALICO line entering into production and this particularity remains unchanged after thirty five years having become our well recognized trademark. Nowadays and after more than 800 completed projects, we can proudly say that the SALICO name stands for quality equipment and continuous innovation.


Ever since the early stages, the structure of the company included an engineering office supported by our own manufacturing Plant.


In 1,997 SALICO became the majority shareholder of the company FUMAGALLI, a mechanical manufacturing Plant with additional engineering capabilities located in Barzago, 20 km from the SALICO headquarters. The idea behind the integration of FUMAGALLI in our group was to tackle the market of special projects and applications away from the standard finishing lines, revamps and modernizations of lines originally made by us or by others, projects that many times others refuse to quote but which are also an important part of the service needed by our customers.


Right from the beginning, the shareholders of SALICO felt that the automation portion of a line was a key component for its trouble free performance. Additionally, all our mechanical innovations had to be intimately linked to an automation development and in many occasions a mechanical innovation could not be conceived without the automation part running very closely in parallel during the development of the prototypes. This necessity of performance and innovation, together with the aim of giving the best service to our customers with full control over the automation package was crucial for us and following this idea the group company SALICO AUTOMATION was born in 1,989, with the mission of developing and delivering the electrical and automation packages of the SALICO finishing lines.


In year 2007 in search of a more international approach and looking for additional products to widen our product portfolio, SALICO in association with the Gerbolés family, decided to open SALICO HISPANIA S.A. (called SALMEC at first), a second mechanical engineering company located in the city of Madrid, Spain and including all the key components of former MECESA. The company MECESA had been founded by Mr. Luis Gerbolés in 1.974 and had been very active and successful in the field of finishing lines for many years, success that was even increased after its integration in year 2.000 in the multinational group VAI, one of the largest Plant building companies in the world.


Immediately after the establishment of SALICO HISPANIA and in order to replicate the same group structure present in Italy, a new automation company was established and  SALMEC AUTOMATION started operations in Arganda, 20 km southeast from the city of Madrid.


In the month of July 2012, SALICO acquired the company KCS HERR VOSS UK LTD. This company is located in the west midlands in the UK and includes a strong team of mechanical and process engineers who are responsible for the engineering and design of cleaning lines for ferrous and non ferrous metals, medium volume coating lines and different process systems and applications.


In 2015, SALICO FOIL started operations in Abbadia Lariana (Lecco – Italy) with a wide experience in the foil industry and aiming to cover our customers’ needs for the thin thickness and the high speed production.


In November 2015, SALICO and the North American company SES Engineering have incorporated SES SALICO Finishing and Processing with office in Alliance, Ohio (USA) that will supply the typical SALICO range of products in the North American market.


Nowadays and after this intensive history of almost forty years in this field of business, the ownership of the SALICO group of companies is divided in four equal parts, belonging to the families Salvioni, Colombo, Molteni and Gerbolés, with active members of the second generation of all four families working in the day to day operation of the different companies of our group.