The headquarters of our group of companies is SALICO Spa, being also our Technological Center of Competence for Cutting Lines. It is located in Molteno, 40 km from the City of Milano and is surrounded by the Pre-Alps mountains and the beautiful nature of lake Como. Our main engineering offices and the manufacturing Plant are located here, integrated all in one site, with a covered area of nearly 6,000 square meters. This physical integration of the engineering and the manufacturing facilities makes it very easy for our professionals to monitor the complete production chain of our equipment and enables us to have absolute and full control over the quality of the end product and the timely deliveries.

After the pre-project and sales stage is completed, the whole production process starts at our Engineering office where our engineers and designers operate with the most modern and advanced engineering tools, like 3D design software, self developed calculation modules, kinematic simulation packages, finite elements analysis, etc. A specific department within the engineering office is solely dedicated to continuous Research, Development and Innovation, spending the allocated yearly budget in the development of selected innovations.

Having our own Manufacturing Plant makes it possible for in-house manufacturing of all our critical equipment, including levellers, tension levellers, stackers, slitters, rotary shears, mandrels, trimmers, choppers, etc, all made by us, at our own Plant and by our own people and therefore not leaving this very high responsibility to others, external to our own organization.

Furthermore, our Plant remains always open to all our customers for full and detailed inspection and testing of the equipment prior to shipment. Additionally the Plant is the first contact of the end user with the equipment, so very detailed programs of "hands on" training for the maintenance personnel of our customers are organized, being monitored by our process experts.


  • Pre-projects and sales

  • Engineering office

  • Manufacturing plant

  • Project Management

  • Procurement & Logistics

  • Site service, Technical assistance and Training programs

  • Spare parts and preventive Maintenance programs

  • Research, Development & Innovation